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5 Body Language Signals You May Not Know About Your Dog

5 Body Language Signals You May Not Know About Your Dog

5 body language signals that are easily misinterpreted. Dogs aren’t always as easy to understand as they seem! To help you understand your dog even better than you already do, here are 5 body language signals that are easily misinterpreted.  Even if you and your dog are inseparable, there are probably moments when you’re not sure what they’re trying to communicate. Dogs may be wishing they could just tell you what’s on their mind!

1. Panting
If your dog doesn’t seem hot or tired, they may be panting because they’re stressed out. Try to identify the source of stress and remove your dog from the situation. 

2. Yawning
Dogs yawn when they’re tired, just like us. But sometimes they yawn when they’re excited too! So don’t be surprised if your pup yawns when you say the word “dinner.”    

3. Lip-licking
Lip-licking is a calming signal dogs use to show each other they mean no harm. But if your dog is licking their lips repeatedly, it could mean that they’re afraid or anxious. 

4. Flattened ears
Sometimes dogs flatten their ears when they’re feeling aggressive. But if your dog flattens her ears when you’re cuddling, don’t worry! It can be a sign of affection and comfort too.

5. Wagging tail
A slow wag with the tail at half mast can indicate insecurity, and small rapid tail movements can mean your dog’s about to run or fight. If your dog’s tale is wagging broadly? That’s pure joy!

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