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Do Dogs Dream?

Do Dogs Dream?

This is the question. Do Dogs Dream?

Our dogs are so cute when they are asleep. Sometimes they will start twitching or whimpering in their sleep. Maybe they are dreaming about chasing squirrels or cats. Do dogs have dreams and if so, what do dogs dream about?
Do Dogs Have Dreams?

Yes, dog dreams are real, and they dream just like we do. We know this because researchers at MIT measured rats’ brain activity which can be linked to dogs. Are you asking yourself, “What is my dog dreaming about?” Your dog is most likely dreaming about everyday dog activities: going for a walk, chasing the frisbee, running after a squirrel, etc.

How Do I Know My Dog Is Dreaming?

If you watch your dog from the time he or she begins to doze off, you’ll notice her breathing will change. It will become more regular, and, for an average-sized dog, after about 20 minutes her breathing will become shallow and irregular. It is at this moment that your dog’s first dream begins. You may notice some quivering and your dog’s eyes moving behind her closed eyelids. The eyes are moving because she is looking through the images in her dream as if they were images in real-life. Humans have this same sleep phase known as rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep. If awoken during this time, humans almost always say they were dreaming and can recall details about their dream.

What About Puppy Dreams?

Why do puppies shake when sleeping? The same reason adult dogs shake while sleeping. It’s actually believed that puppies and senior dogs dream more often than middle-aged dogs because they tend to move in their sleep more than adult dogs.

Do All Animals Dream?

It’s hard to say whether or not all animals dream, as there is still research that hasn’t been conducted. However, it is safe to say that cats, dogs, rats, horses, sheep, cows and others dream while they sleep. Finally, make sure your pup is having sweet dreams on the best doggy bed for them.

So, do dogs dream? What do you think your dog dreams about?

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