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Brisbane Queensland

Fresh Start Rescue Incorporated

Fresh Start Rescue Incorporated are based in Brisbane, Queensland but have a network of foster families and volunteers across the state’s south east, including the Northern and Southern suburbs of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley.

We do not have a shelter facility. All of our pets live in loving foster homes while they wait to be adopted. Once we accept a dog or cat into foster care, we keep them for as long as it takes to find that perfect forever home. We don’t give up!

Our organisation is 100% volunteer powered! We do not receive any government funding or big business sponsorship.

Our greatest expense is veterinary fees, which are often thousands of dollars each month. We manage to pay our generous veterinary practices with money raised from fundraising events, donations and the adoption fees paid for our animals. After those vet costs are paid, there is very little profit left from the sale of each pet, if any, and many that have had pre-existing medical needs are adopted out at a large loss.

Our priority is to rescue dogs and cats from overflowing local and regional pounds and shelters. Many of these animals only have days, sometimes hours, to live even though they are perfectly healthy, happy family pets. They have become lost and remain unclaimed, or are surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them.

Every year 250,000 companion animals are euthanised in Australia. Please make a donation, big or small, to help us continue saving lives across Queensland.
About Fresh Start Rescue Incorporated. How you can help???
Fresh Start Rescue is a committed group of animal lovers who hope to make a real change in the number of companion animals put to sleep in pounds and shelters across the state each year.

Fresh Start Rescue is a South East Queensland based non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs and cats in need.

We are run solely by incredible volunteers and foster carers, hence we have no shelter. All of our rescue animals (aka “Freshies”) live with loving foster families until their forever homes are found.

All “Freshies” have a full health check and vet work completed before adoption. This includes: spay/neuter, microchip, vaccination, heart worm test and treatment and internal and external parasite treatments whilst in foster care. This is included in the adoption fee, meaning you save money by adopting a rescue animal.
Funding and Donations
Fresh Start Rescue Incorporated receives NO funding and relies on donations from our generous volunteers and supporters. We are now a Registered Chairty so your donations over $2.00 are tax deductable!

Our vet bills are thousands of dollars each month for desexing, vaccinations, medications and other necessary care for our dogs and cats. We have a great need for monetary donations.

Any amount you can afford, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. We are also now a Registered Charity so donations over $2.00 are tax deductable! There are several ways to donate:

Make a deposit to our bank account at any branch or use internet banking to make an online funds transfer to:

Account Name: Fresh Start Rescue

BSB: 084-004

Account Number: 14-070-2397

Why not make it a regular donation? Most online banking websites will allow you to set up a recurring transaction to send the same donation to our bank account, such as fortnightly, monthly, etc. Even $1.00 a week would help us greatly!

You can also use PayPal to make a secure donation online using your credit card or bank account. You don’t need a PayPal account to donate this way.
Donate to our Palliative Care Fund
A special group of our carers take in dogs and cats with manageable yet terminal illness and conditions, and offer them forever homes, where they can live the rest of their days pain-free and loved. These are animals who are otherwise unadoptable, and so have faced euthanasia at shelters.

Sometimes these animals may have conditions that are reversible with surgery and can then go on to be adopted out to loving families. Others need simply the very best pain management and therapy while they are shown the joy of being loved by a family, often for the first time in their lives.

Visit our GoFundMe page to make a donation via credit card or use one of the methods listed above.
Paris Needs You!
Recently we took in a large litter newborn Rhodesian Ridgeback X puppies, and they don’t come much fresher than these babes. Their mother was rushed to the RSPCA for an emergency cesarean section, and after giving birth to 9 babies, she decided she was not interested in being a full-time mother. A puppy whose mother won’t care for you is critically hard, and unfortunately, even with the best of care, we lost 3 tiny souls.

With the help of Little Critters Vet Clinic we now have 5 puppies doing OK, however sweet Paris’s life is touch-and-go. And we need YOUR HELP to continue providing Paris with around-the-clock care at UQ Vets Small Animal Hospital in Gatton, Queensland.

Specialised care like this is not cheap, but we cannot turn our back on this baby, and we know you won’t either. Please click the button below to make a donation, large or small, to help us afford the very best treatment for Paris.

Thank you.

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